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La Pureté Coconut Oil is one of the very select few raw coconut oil brands on the market that has a subtle coconut aroma but still manages to retain almost if not all of the healthy nutrients that coconut oil has to offer. That means you will get the best of both worlds in each and every La Pureté’s product: Subtle aroma of heavily processed oil and healthy nutrients of raw oil.


In the previous article “Does coconut oil cause acne”, La Pureté mentioned the benefits of using coconut oil as makeup remover. In this article, La Pureté will show you 3 different areas on the body that need the effects of coconut oil:
We have to face the fact that not everyone likes the taste of coconut oil. The good news is that even if you don't like the taste, there are still many ways to consume coconut oil without ruining the taste of your food.