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La Pureté is a fusion of traditional ingenuity and modern innovations. We endeavor to raise the value and quality of an authentic Vietnamese product: coconut oil. Through the application of advanced technological methodology - centrifugal oil extraction. The resulting coalescence is the drops of pure and crystal-clear coconut oil of our aptly named ‘La Pureté ’ coconut oil. Our modern touch on the product does not, however, erase the sweet and rustic fragrance of authentic coconuts.


Understanding the needs and demands of a ‘green’ lifestyle, authenticity and intimacy with nature is the reason for La Pureté ’s conception. To us, “sustainability” isn’t just a trend but a motto. La Pureté  gave itself the mission of delivering traditional products with advanced technology to meet the requirements of modern life while preserving the purity of authenticity. Through our mission, La Pureté  guarantees that our product will not be contaminated by even a single smidge chemical impurities when it is the hands of our customers.


In the previous article “Does coconut oil cause acne”, La Pureté mentioned the benefits of using coconut oil as makeup remover. In this article, La Pureté will show you 3 different areas on the body that need the effects of coconut oil:
We have to face the fact that not everyone likes the taste of coconut oil. The good news is that even if you don't like the taste, there are still many ways to consume coconut oil without ruining the taste of your food.