La Purté Coconut Oil 100mL

Price:130.000 đ


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Due to the lack of interaction from heat, La Pureté ’s centrifugally extracted coconut oil is crystal clear yet contains all the taste and fragrance of coconuts

Ingredients: 4 coconuts worth of centrifugally extracted oil.


Benefits: Aside from nutritional value, the fatty acid chains present in coconut oil also provides anti-bacterial properties. Hence, it’s suitable for makeup removing, hair care & skin care purposes.


 The fatty acid chains present in coconut oil provides improved metabolism and assists in the weight loss process. Coconut oil can also provide moisturizing effects to skin and hair via external application.

Virgin La Pureté Coconut Oil 100ml is suitable for make-up cleasing, lip skin and hair moisturizer.


  • To moisturize: Rub a few drop of La Pureté between your palms to warm up the oil and gently apply it to your skin.
  • Take 3-4 pumps of our gentle facial cleanser into dry hands.

Smooth the oil over your face until your makeup have dissolved, no rubbing is necessary.

Emulsify the oil with water little by little.

Rinse your face and move along to next step.