3 Coconut Oil Life Hacks for The Body

Đăng bởi: admin, ngày 25/03/2019 20:38 PM

Your nails: Taking care of your nails has been a prevailing trend and need which undoubtedly promoted the growth of manicure services. Various nail polishing and coloring techniques have been conceived as a result of this growth such as: gel painting, acrylic, shellac and et cetera. To ensure the longevity of the color, many potent chemicals are used to preserve it. Before these advancements, you had to re-do your nails every week just to retain its shade. Now each gel polish keeps the color around for a month. But all things come at a cost as you can see, because your nails get more fragile and brittle when the color is bleached out. Scraping your nails after bleaching also leaves a sickly yellow scratch that doesn’t look good at all. All of this is the result of chemicals taking its toll on your nails for the sake of ‘preserving the colors’. That, and plus the fact that your nails doesn’t get the vitamin D it needs from direct sunlight interaction because all that color and chemicals blocking out all light. To remedy this, nightly applicant of coconut oil, especially the centrifugally extracted one from La Pureté, is recommended. Coconut oil and short acid chains have a natural osmosis effect that will subsequently provide the necessary nutritions and moisturizing effect. A definite life hacks for those pesky brittle nails!


- Knees and elbows: the areas where people neglect the most. Because constant activity around these areas are inevitable for your daily routine, the skin surface of these areas are all smudged and possess a darker tone compared to the rest of your body. In order to make it otherwise, constant exfoliation is required to maintain a healthy appearance. But doing this will of course overwork the skin, to the point of making it dry up. But don’t worry! La Pureté will have you covered as applying coconut oil to your exfoliated skin areas will keep it looking bright and adequately moisturized. To do this, rub our centrifugally extract La Pureté oil between your palms and gently massage them into your now exfoliated knees and elbows


- Buttocks: Apple-bottom hindquarters are undoubtedly up there with the top beauty trends in recent years. Women everywhere are mixing in squats, lunges and deadlift into their workout routine, along with consuming the necessary power foods, to attempt to boost their hip sizes in the right ways. But (no pun intended) this comes at a cost. Quick growth in size around some body areas will cause stretch marks to appear. These stretch marks will be a somewhat permanent marks that will cost you a quite hefty sum to change otherwise. Thus, if you have a resolution to ample up your buttocks, this following life hack is a necessity. Exfoliate your skin three times per week to remove any blockage in skin pores that would cause acne formation if left alone. After each session, apply our centrifugally extracted La Pureté coconut oil on the exfoliated areas to moisturize and increase the skin elasticity.