5 ways to add more coconut oil in your diet

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We have to face the fact that not everyone likes the taste of coconut oil. The good news is that even if you don't like the taste, there are still many ways to consume coconut oil without ruining the taste of your food. The difference in coconut oils 

The difference in coconut oils

NutriGuard Centrifuged coconut oil like La Pureté Coconut oil is 100 percent raw coconut flesh. Hence, it might have a stronger scent and taste than refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) coconut oil. The taste and flavor are a bit too strong for some. There are coconut oil consumers who would sacrifice using the RBD one in order to add coconut oil in their diet. But there are ways to achieve the full benefit of real coconut oil by cheating your taste buds.

 Below are the ways to add coconut oil into your diet even if you don’t like its taste, smell, or texture.

 5 Alternative Ways to consume Coconut Oil


In order to get children to consume coconut oil in their daily diet, a smoothie is a great way to hide the taste and texture. Adding healthy fats such as coconut oil actually helps the body absorbs fat-soluble nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Just make sure that the coconut added to your smoothie is under liquid form while your smoothie is being blended. You might don’t want weird white clumps floating on your smoothie surface, right?

 Snacks or treats

 Coconut oil is the perfect substitute for butter and vegetable oil while making snacks like popcorn, granola, brownie or cookies. The ratio is 1:1 (means that 1 spoon of vegetable oil or butter equal to1 spoon of coconut oil), so there is no adjustment that needs to be made. Due to the higher smoke point compared to refined oils, your snacks won’t have burnt taste when using La Pureté coconut oil.

 In cooking


Most coconut oil consumers choose coconut oil as cooking oil. It brings more fragrance and flavors to the dish, especially the stir-fried ones. The high "smoke point" of coconut oil doesn’t ruin the taste of your food. Additionally, the signature flavor of coconut oil also enriches the fragrance and taste of your dishes.

 In mayonnaise

If using coconut oil as salad dressings is too much for you due to its sweet smell and taste, you can try to make your homemade mayonnaise! Using coconut oil as the foundation, with eggs, salt, and a dash of olive oil and mix it all well. The result is that you'll get a great batch of coconut-oil-based mayonnaise without any “mystical/magical” ingredients. Not only for dressing your salad, but this mayonnaise also goes well with your favorite chicken wings or French fries recipe.

 Ice cream

 There is nothing better than coconut ice cream with real coconut flavor. Add a bit of coconut oil into your ice cream mixture and put it in the ice cream maker as normal. Sweet-toothed people now can enjoy their frozen dessert in a healthy way.

Try out La Pureté coconut oil

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